I have always believed that life is a journey, one that has twists and turns, steep hills and dark tunnels that you can see the light at the end of it, but a bottomless pit sits in your way. The journey though can create a wealth of knowledge and experience that can last a lifetime, not only for what we do on the journey but with whose lives we influence on the way. We would all like to leave a legacy for our children, mine would be enjoy and experience the journey wherever it takes you, if you fall then stand up tall. When you are high remember the little guy!

My journey is now with horses, learning how they communicate with each other and us, helping those in need. The horse world can be a cruel place giving much for horses to fear. How do you feel when you see a horse whipped on TV because it did not clear a jump? How do you feel when you see a horse that  is perfectly well locked up in a stable all day purely for human convenience so the human does not have to fetch it from a field,  but in that convenience the horse cannot display its natural behaviour, to me it is a prison and even worse than a prison as the horses have less turn out time than humans do in a prison. Only humans have the ability to inflict or cause pain to one who they believe is a weaker species out of anger or just plain joy of seeing another one being hurt. Only humans feel the need to control a horse to the point it has no choice but to do as it is told, but when the horse fights back and says ‘no’ then the horse is a naughty horse and it has behaviour problems in the eyes of the handler, giving the horse no choice but to do as it is told.

The Stockholm Syndrome and horses by Rick Gore

Horses however are far from weaker, they are patient, kind and live in the now, understanding that brings many rewards and a closer relationship with horses. If you are sad, they will comfort you, if you are happy they will play with you, if you just need peace of mind they will sit with you. Devote yourself to a horse and it will devote itself to you.

If you would like to follow the journey, please pop along to my now main blog on Melanie Hetfield Equine Services

January 2017 the journey continues, with now 4 rescue horses, 2 purchased ponies for rides and a foal born to the herd in 2015 Paddock Sanctuary comes to fruition. Helping horses and using horses to help people of all ages.

May 2017 with two Mel with 9 - Copynew miniature additions to the herd at Paddock Sanctuary Belle and Jasper join in the fun. Jasper has come to us with severe locking stifle in both hind limbs, irregularity in his forelimbs and blind in his left eye. Loves cuddles and fussing.
Belle has had laminitis at some stage and is quite a nervous little mare.


July 2018, and just 1 year left at University to complete a BSc Equine Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation degree.  Along the way I have added a first aid qualification to my list of skills, and become certified with a Horse Behaviour and Psychology qualification.   Working now on my book of the Equine Communication System, or language which ever you prefer to call it. Thousands of hours of observing the horses in herd scenarios has been an eye opener as to how the horses chat to each other.  Now the quest is to put it all into words.


To your Success!
It’s All about the Horse!

Melanie Hetfield (Mel)

I created a quote, searched high and low to see if someone else had already said it, but could not find it anywhere.  My quote is connected to my dyslexia and sums up what I see and what I write.

“On paper a jumble of words. In my head it has Order, Vision, and Passion!” Melanie Hetfield (2016)

On paper a jumble of words





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