Fluorescent lights – we should be careful !

I never gave lighting a though until I started to have seizures when I went shopping. It turns out that the fluorescent lights in shops were inducing them.

Since then I’ve done a fair bit of research on this and found many “bad reasons” for using fluorescent lighting.

We have the benefits of using less electric, but what is it doing to our bodies and where are these lights going to be disposed of when their life ends?

Have you ever had a child that when you go shopping they just cry and scream, but when you get outside, they stop? If your child is in a buggy, check that they have a hood up so they are not staring up at the lights. If you want to know what this feels like for a baby, then the next time you go into the shops, just stop and stare up at the lights for 5 minutes now times that by how long you are in the store. Many times I have been in stores and seen babies in buggies or carry tots staring up at the ceiling and crying, when I’ve pointed out to the parents what could be causing it, they made changes and notice immediate improvement in the child’s mood.

The question I ask is if just looking up at the lights causes so much distress for those in buggies, what is it doing to us?

After many tests done to clarify my personal problem with seizures, it was found that if the brain picks up the flicker that is produced by florescent lights, this is what can cause the seizure. Not only can it cause seizures, but also causes migraines, nausea, hot flushes and have an effect on our eyesight.

So the next time you go shopping and you start feeling different from normal. See how you feel when you get back into natural light outdoors.

Can things be done to change this, yes but it is expensive and it not likely to be found within supermarkets.

The other issue with fluorescent lighting is what happens when they reach the end of their life?

You can’t just throw them in the bin; they have to be recycled in a safe environment!

Fluorescent light bulbs are considered hazardous waste!

Fluorescent light bulbs contain polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Human exposure to these possible carcinogens can cause skin, liver, and reproductive disorders. Fluorescent and high-intensity discharge (HID) ballasts contain a small capacitor that may contain high concentrations of PCBs (greater than 90% pure PCBs or 900,000 ppm).

High-temperature incineration is the method preferred by many companies because it destroys PCBs, removing them from the waste stream permanently and removing the potential for future CERCLA liability. Incinerating a PCB-containing ballast costs more than sending it to a hazardous waste landfill, but this additional cost is one many organizations are willing to absorb.

Please never put a fluorescent light bulb into a normal bin, it’s not just ‘your one bulb’ that would be bad for the environment, but the millions of others that think that their one bulb won’t matter.

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4 responses to “Fluorescent lights – we should be careful !”

  1. http://www.buyroyaltiger.com says :

    Good article. There is not enough talk about this. I couldn’t stand fluorescent lights since I was a child. I was conscously aware of their negative affect on me. Think about all the kids in schools and workers in buildings with nothing but these lights.



    • hetfieldservices says :

      It’s quite a big problem, but it’s being ignored. There are configuations that can be set for fluorescent lights, but as you most probably know shops never get it right.
      My local vets has 56 stips of light in an area not much bigger than my living room. When I pointed out that only 4 strips of light was required for that area, they said they have to think of people who can’t see properly.


  2. Anotherplanet says :

    There’s some highstore shops I can’t even go in as I’ll feel so sick within seconds of entering through the doors! (Primark, zara are fairly bad for me) I have found that if I wear shades which has polarising lenses it helps. Large warehouse style stores like ikea or b&q are simply a nogo zone for me as the flickering is so bad.


    • Melanie Hetfield says :

      Hi Julian, yes #Primark is one of the worst for it’s lighting, #Lidl is another one, I can’t even look into without feeling ill immediately.
      I found that the sickness was the first warning, my second warning was a severe headache, if i don’t get out then my eyes start streaming, my vision goes completely white and I can’t see anything, then I go into a form of seizure. The only way it stops is to get be back into daylight or switch all the lights off! I found the latter out after someone suggested that the feeling sick due to the lights was in my head and I was imagining it lol, last time I listen to anyone like that.
      I find a nice dark sunhat with dark brown shades works best, but then again only for 10-15 minutes before I have to get out. Just think of all the money I can’t spend cos I have to leave lol.
      Peacocks in Woolwich, London used to let me in before the shop opened when they had half the lighting off, which was nice of them.


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