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Twitter Tip: How to create effective #vip & #ff lists !


TweetDeck is the best tool I’ve found for creating effective #vip and #ff lists.  We want to create these lists with people who we have been chatting with or are retweeting our messages.  This is a great way to say thanks for being a  #twitterfriend

TweetDeck loads all of the message that have been sent to you, when you click the reply button, like many other programs it put the user name in the text box.  What is different with TweetDeck though is that it will let you click the next user and their name will appear next in the text box, but also keeps the last name.

Now scroll through all of your mentions and click every user that you wish to include in your #ff, don’t worry that the red bar comes up, just go through your complete list and collate all the names.

Now open up notepad, you should find this by clicking your windows menu button bottom left of your window,  click all programs, click accessories, click notepad.

Now you have notepad open, copy all the user names from TweetDeck that you have just collated and paste them into notepad.

Create your #ff message to go  with these user names.

To make it easier to know how far you can take each line, here is 130 characters just copy and paste this into the notepad window, then shrink your window to the 130 characters width, this way you know when you get to the edge of the page, you’ll a need new line.



Why 130?  You will be getting people retweet your message, so make it easy for them to do this.  Leaving space for the ‘RT’ & ‘your username’ makes it simple for people to get all your message in.  If you have a longer username, then just make the message a bit shorter.

Now you can upload them to an auto tweet program to tweet out through the day.

Social Oomph is one I use

TweetAdder you can also program tweets

TweetSpinner is also good to do this

Hope it helps

Mel cool



Going beyond the weather on Twitter

Twitter can be a nervous place to start chats if you do not fully understand how it all works!  Are you stuck what to say, not sure what you should say so stick to subjects like “how are you” “I’m find how are you”  “what the weather like for you?” “The weather is not good, how are you”  Conversations end!

To help you a bit more, remember that all @mentions are public so whatever you tweet in the @mentions everyone following you will be able to see this as well as anyone that may come across your account in a search.

The Messages are of DM’s is your private area for chats, but still do be careful about telling people you’re going away.

If you are tweeting from home, it’s best not to have the Location switched on.  If you do tweet you are away for the weekend, this will give away where you are and will make your home vulnerable whilst you are away.

In @mentions you’re aim should be to build friendships, to do this you will have to go beyond talking about the weather and lots of how are you today, I’m fine how are you.    Be prepared to know what you would like to reveal about yourself, this could be your hobbies, you family pictures etc. Everyone loves a good story, so share stories, videos and other items that you might have found in tweets.  Remember that the more you have in your tweets about you, then likeminded people will find you in searches and you will be able to meet new friends.

Remember if you’re a business, just because someone puts your keywords in their tweet does not give you the right to then tweet them with your ad! This is spamming and I fully encourage people to block and report spammers that do this.

Enjoy tweeting, make friends and have FuN!!  You can have lots of laughs on Twitter so it’s all good for your health!!  Remember typing burns 110 calories an hour 🙂

For more details on growing your Twitter Account for Business or Pleasure 

To Your Success!

Why Blog!

I started blogging in 2007 for myself just random posts, then as a business for companies to help promote their services. Now I blog about horses on my other site   Things I have learnt that may be of value to you if you are looking at starting your own blog, I hope it helps.

What does make a successful blog & should your business have one?

Reasons as to Why You Should Think about Blogging

The main aim is new sales leads, but blogging also offers the following potential benefits.

A blog allows your business to inform current and new customers in a no-pressure way. You can communicate the strengths of your product or service in ways that traditional marketing and advertising don’t allow. With a better understanding of your company, you help promote customer loyalty.

A blog can help you gain insight into customers’ needs and interests, with having the comments section. You can then use this information to develop new products or services or fine-tune existing ones.

A well-designed blog can make your company appear more “alive’ and approachable, in effect, giving your company a personal voice, which also can help boost customer loyalty.

Blogs can be free and can also be incorporated into your main website, putting customers right in within your sales pages so once they have read the blog, they are already there to look at your sales page.

Points to keep in mind when creating your blog

  • Decide what you want to accomplish with your blog and let those goals influence your content. Is your blog going to have a serious side or a mixture of business and fun?
  • You may want to create an image of yourself as a “thought leader’ in your industry, so plenty of research needs to be done to support this, just your own opinion is not.
  • If possible, make a staff member the blog editor to check entries before they’re posted for grammar, typos, tone and consistency.
  • Keep it relevant and personal. Make your entries personal by speaking to readers directly. Tell them a story. Make sure when you read it back, it’s fluent and has an informal voice.
  • Make it useful. Trends are changing every day, so keep up with what is happening around you and create information that will be of use to your readers. Remember too it doesn’t have to be just about your site, you can post information articles that you’re found in your searching.
  • Use your keywords throughout your blog for your blog to showing up at or near the top of search engine results.
  • If your blog entries are clear, concise and compelling, readers will want to return again and again.
  • Don’t use your blog to re-purpose press releases, brochures or other content originally created for marketing, PR or advertising. It will stop repeat visits and push people away.
  • Keeping your blog updated weekly! Readers expect blogs to be refreshed regularly.
  • Shorter, blogs often get more reading than long blogs, if you have lots to say, then break your blog into several blogs say 3 over a week, so each time they come back for the next part of the 3 part blog.
  • Having more than one person blog can be of help, it gives a different type of reading, keeping the blog fresh.
  • Like anything being consistent is the key to any successful blog.
  • Use your blog to promote others, a bit of Wikinomics works well in all areas of business.
  • Do your research, if you just blab and you get a reader that knows their stuff, they are likely to tell you in your comments you’re talking rubbish. So always ensure that you’ve researched before you blog.
  • Blogging is a successful tool that more and more companies are turning to. People have so many choices that they shop around before they buy, so giving them support in your blogs will encourage them to choose you as their supplier.
  • Remember that your blog needs planning, creativity, commitment and, most importantly, something worth saying.
  • Once you have your blog working, it’s time to incorporate it in your Tweets, Facebook Messages and other Social Media websites.