Going beyond the weather on Twitter

Twitter can be a nervous place to start chats if you do not fully understand how it all works!  Are you stuck what to say, not sure what you should say so stick to subjects like “how are you” “I’m find how are you”  “what the weather like for you?” “The weather is not good, how are you”  Conversations end!

To help you a bit more, remember that all @mentions are public so whatever you tweet in the @mentions everyone following you will be able to see this as well as anyone that may come across your account in a search.

The Messages are of DM’s is your private area for chats, but still do be careful about telling people you’re going away.

If you are tweeting from home, it’s best not to have the Location switched on.  If you do tweet you are away for the weekend, this will give away where you are and will make your home vulnerable whilst you are away.

In @mentions you’re aim should be to build friendships, to do this you will have to go beyond talking about the weather and lots of how are you today, I’m fine how are you.    Be prepared to know what you would like to reveal about yourself, this could be your hobbies, you family pictures etc. Everyone loves a good story, so share stories, videos and other items that you might have found in tweets.  Remember that the more you have in your tweets about you, then likeminded people will find you in searches and you will be able to meet new friends.

Remember if you’re a business, just because someone puts your keywords in their tweet does not give you the right to then tweet them with your ad! This is spamming and I fully encourage people to block and report spammers that do this.

Enjoy tweeting, make friends and have FuN!!  You can have lots of laughs on Twitter so it’s all good for your health!!  Remember typing burns 110 calories an hour 🙂

For more details on growing your Twitter Account for Business or Pleasure 

To Your Success!


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