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Twitter Tips: Direct Messages

As you’ve most probably noticed, Direct Messages on Twitter a full of spam. This is a shame as this is an amazing opportunity to start conversations. By putting your advert in a Direct Message you immediately put up a wall to conversations. Some might click that link,  of a survey I did it showed that 36% of people clicked the links, which may seem good apart from one thing there’s no human touch.

All good sales people know when training their staff that making that connection with the customer is essential to completing the sale.  Telesales people have to include in their scripts the ‘human’ section where they build a small rapour with the person they are trying to sell to. Big stores such as PC World, Curry’s and Dixons etc train their staff to approach people to say hello and make them feel that support is available if need.  This rapour alone can create the sale, so why are you not including this in your sales technique with your Twitter accounts?

Auto Spam Direct Messages

Here are the spam messages that stop conversations with people, if you’re doing this, then you really need to consider why you’re using Twitter. Is this all you are concerned about pushing your website or blog at people ‘look at me’ ?

What should your Welcome Direct Messages be like then?  Conversation starters something to get you interacting with people!

  • Hi thanks for following me, I’ll follow back.  What’s new in your world today?
  • Hi and thank you, really appreciate your follow, come and say hi I’ll always chat back.
  • Fantastic thanks, will follow back.  Looking forward to tweeting with you, what do you like to tweet about?
Show that you’re interested in the person who has just followed you, whether to make friends or for business conversation should be your aim to a successful Twitter account.

I’ve run tests on several accounts seeing what works and what doesn’t, auto Direct Messages that create interaction have a bigger increase in followers by 45% and 50-60% difference in clicks to websites of interest.  With that much increase then you have a bigger opportunity for sales.

My suggestion is that if people reply to your Direct Message with a Direct Message, take the message into the public timeline, so don’t reply via Direct Message again.  Change it to an @reply and let people know you’re interacting and making friends, not just pushing sales.

If you are using the Twitter platform for your direct messages, then I’d suggest that you use a 3rd party program such as Hootsuite, TweetDeck, MarketMeSuite and many others that let you change a Direct Message into an @ reply message.  If you’re not sure what I mean, just drop me a tweet.  @HetfieldService

Twitter is one of the best social media platforms to drawing sales to your websites, if you use it properly! Don’t spam (I will block and report you if you do it to me) Make friends and people will want to look at the products you have to offer.

For your adverts I recommend never more than 7-10 a day once you have got over 2,000 followers. Under 2,000 then only 1-3 per day is needed.  Anymore than this and it does look spammy. Remember to chat though, this is the most important aspect of your Social Media Marketing.

Remember to tweet me:   @HetfieldService


The Moon

I’m sure like me you are inspired by the light of a full moon on a clear night.  This photo is from the First full moon of April, which happened on Sunday 17th.

So bright it lit the fields as we sat in the dark in a country road Open-mouthed smile

Love Creation and it’s power!!