Quite Blunt – Companies Follow Back create a win-win!

It’s not often I make a short post and this one is MHO.

There is a trend on Twitter, it is with companies and musicians generally that want you to buy their products. This is what they say:

Follow me!
Buy my products or listen to my music!
No I’m not following you I look much better having more followers than I’m following! (Look at me I’m more important than you!) But still purchase from me!

Now where is the win-win with this?

Everyone likes to have followers on Twitter, it encourages interaction and creates bonds with new friends and companies that take the time to give a little back are the ones that spend less money on increasing sales. There’s no need to purchase followers as many of these companies do with programs such as Twiends.com or such like programs, which turn out to be quite expensive just to maintain growth.

I’m not talking about Verified accounts that are promoted by Twitter. This is the everyday company that wants you to purchase from them. Twitter accounts that have over 100,000 followers/following come under Twitter restrictions so are stuck by those limits.

One celebrity at the beginning of her Twitter life started following back and she still does today within Twitter limits. @britneyspears Hats off to Britney for taking an interest!

So are you a company or an artist with products to sell?

You might want to consider the followback option, it will bring you more rewards than just what you want!

Happy to follow back at

To Your Success!!


Melanie Hetfield
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