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Landfills are they dangerous?

I’ve been looking at landfills for a long time, following news reports and researching the effects it has on the area.

I’m sure if people really knew the damage that landfill site cause, more people would be pushing for alternative waste disposal methods.

The basic build of a landfill site starts by first finding a suitable site. Recent research shows that suitable sites in less inhabited areas will have run out by 2011 in the UK. This figure has dropped by 5 years since 2008, where it was estimated that if people continue to recycle the UK would run out of suitable sites in 2016.

What happens after that, who knows?

When suitable land site has been found, the dugout space needs to be lined to help prevent poisons being released into the surrounding ground.

However the liners that are used with them degrade with time. Taking into account that it can take 500 years fr a nappy to decompose, we will be seeing in the next century the effects of the UK’s wasteful habits by just ‘use and throw’.

“The generation of Leachate is caused principally by precipitation percolating through waste deposited in a landfill. Once in contact with decomposing solid waste, the percolating water becomes contaminated and if it then flows out of the waste material it is termed Leachate. Additional Leachate volume is produced during this decomposition of carbonaceous material producing a wide range of other materials including methane, carbon dioxide and a complex mixture of organic acids, aldehydes, alcohols and simple sugars.” (Wikipedia quote)

Another reason for people to consider how much they really send to landfill is that of life; it has been clarified that homes within a 5 mile radius of a landfill site produce more miscarriages that any other areas. If you type in a Google search ‘landfill and miscarriages’, you will be amazed at the information connected to miscarriages and locality to landfill sites.

So keep recycling, composting and aim to keep your rubbish out of landfills. There are sufficient areas to recycle and the local councils take garden waste for composting.