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Quite Blunt – Companies Follow Back create a win-win!

It’s not often I make a short post and this one is MHO.

There is a trend on Twitter, it is with companies and musicians generally that want you to buy their products. This is what they say:

Follow me!
Buy my products or listen to my music!
No I’m not following you I look much better having more followers than I’m following! (Look at me I’m more important than you!) But still purchase from me!

Now where is the win-win with this?

Everyone likes to have followers on Twitter, it encourages interaction and creates bonds with new friends and companies that take the time to give a little back are the ones that spend less money on increasing sales. There’s no need to purchase followers as many of these companies do with programs such as or such like programs, which turn out to be quite expensive just to maintain growth.

I’m not talking about Verified accounts that are promoted by Twitter. This is the everyday company that wants you to purchase from them. Twitter accounts that have over 100,000 followers/following come under Twitter restrictions so are stuck by those limits.

One celebrity at the beginning of her Twitter life started following back and she still does today within Twitter limits. @britneyspears Hats off to Britney for taking an interest!

So are you a company or an artist with products to sell?

You might want to consider the followback option, it will bring you more rewards than just what you want!

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To Your Success!!


Melanie Hetfield
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Social Media Shop Floor – is yours Empty?

The more I see business accounts on Social Media, the more I see they have an empty shop floor. What do I mean? 

I’d like you to look at your Social Media as your shop or store which ever you call it. A customer walks into your store what is the first thing you might do with that customer?  I hope first a greeting, acknowledging that they are here to look at your products, a smile, nod of the head, a hello as they walk by.  What I wouldn’t expect to see if for a sales person to go up to that person and say, “look what I have on offer here”.  I could quite imagine that sales person being told to get stuffed quite often.

Are you doing this with your Social Media are you bombarding your new connections with what you want them to see first before seeing what they need?  Many are and this is what that looks like in a Tweet:

RT @mlmsolutionsuk: @HetfieldService Mel great to have you following MLM Solutions Let us know if our friendly team can help with debt or re-structuring advice

RT @jdm_designs: @HetfieldService hello, thanks for following our 100%UK made beach essential that stops your towel blowing away

RT @ingeniousbrit: @HetfieldService Hi Mel, thanks for following! If you’ve any questions on anything business, tweet or visit us at

Yes it is spamming, yes it’s poor customer service and yes you are pushing people away from your products and services. Even though I have followed those who’ve just sent me those tweets, if I see that is all they do they get reported for spam. It is also a lack of regard for your potential customer. Take the tweet from @ingeniousbrit ..” If you have any questions about business”…. I run 2 businesses, what areas of my business are they talking about that I have not already considered?  Knowing they want to sell me their products or services and as they’ve spammed me is this showing that their method of business involves unethical processes, mass email spam etc?..  Part of the T&C of Twitter states that unsolicited @mentions is spam.

It seems to be normal now for companies to send a spam Direct Message so these areas  tends to get ignored. Direct Messages work so much better when they are used as conversation starters!

Why though is the shop floor empty?  You don’t need an assistant on the shop floor for people to see the products that you offer, the customer can quite easily see from your signs which products they might be looking for. So putting your advert into the face of new followers is not necessary.  There is also an assumption that the person that has just followed you hasn’t already read your bio and visited your website.

You need that assistant there to provide the  human interaction which makes shopping worthwhile. I’m not talking about Tesco’s and their auto tills, where you’re in a quick hurry get through with your pint of milk. Human interaction is a necessary need for everybody, be it shopping, tweeting, facebooking, Google +, Pinterest and LinkedIn etc   This human interaction “hello, thank you for following, how are you?”  it draws people to you and your services. Many a time I’ve walked out of PC World as I needed help with a product but no-one acknowledged that I was there, even when making hints that I required help, or there physically was no-one on the shop floor.  Many a time I’ve brought a product because the customer service and help provided by the staff make the experience of the purchase more personal, they showed an interest in me.

With your social media, if all you are doing is putting out adverts and sending spamming messages in public posts “thank you for following… look at my website!” You are closing that door and sending people away from your product or service, you are not showing that new connection that you have a customer service support system. Hence, the shop floor is empty, with no human interaction and these posts are just the signs that hang up on the walls.

What are you going to be doing with your social media? I hope you’ll show that you have activity on your shop floor, that there a people that work for you are able to provide that human interaction that makes life much more pleasurable when looking for products and services.

With the many changes that happen is social media 3 little things remain the same that help boost your business. Follow first, follow back and most importantly interact! Any member of your staff with sales experience could manage your Social Media accounts for you. The question is how?

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or I find for private discussions outside of Twitter’s 140 Characters LinkedIn works best.

To your Success!

Mel Hetfield